The voters in Draper first gave me the privilege to serve on the City Council in 2007. In 2013, I was elected to serve as Mayor. In that time I have considered it a great honor to work alongside Mayor Darrell Smith, members of our city council, community leaders and all of the great residents of Draper.

I have been encouraged by many residents, business leaders and colleagues on the city council to run for re-election for Draper City Mayor. I hope that as you get to know me better you will come to appreciate all that we have accomplished and my vision for securing Draper’s future. I look forward to earning your continued support. I ask for your vote!

Mayor Troy Walker

“Under the leadership of Mayor Troy Walker, the people of Draper have prospered. He is a strong leader and deserves your support.”

Gary Herbert


“As Salt Lake County Mayor, I get to work alongside many city officials. Troy Walker has been an indispensable ally in striking the right balance between economic development and preserving quality of life. From recruiting major companies to expand and relocate to Draper, to developing the best trail system in the state and protecting open space, Troy Walker has proven himself to be a dynamic leader as Mayor of Draper. Troy makes tough and informed decisions that will help Draper City continue growing in a smart and balanced way.”

Ben McAdams

Mayor, Salt Lake County

“Troy Walker has been instrumental in the development of smart growth strategies that have made Draper shine. His leadership has led to a strong economy, more open space, low taxes and a great quality of life. Troy is respected by leaders across this state and works tirelessly for the citizens of Draper. Please join me in supporting Troy Walker in his campaign for re-election for Mayor of Draper City.”

Greg Hughes

Speaker of the House

“Mayor Walker has shown true conservative leadership by balancing economic development with open space. Draper City is one of the lowest taxed cities in Utah and has not seen a tax increase in more than 10 years. He was a key figure turning the idea to move the into a reality. Troy deserves your support to continue serving as Mayor of Draper.”

Howard Stephenson

State Senator, Draper

“Time for all of Draper to get to work re-electing our awesome mayor, Troy Walker!”

Carolyn Phippen

Draper Resident

“Troy and most of the Draper City Council have been instrumental in bringing economic growth to our area, expanded our parks, open spaces and trails while protecting our residential areas. They’ve spent millions of our budget repairing roads and kept within the budget, all without a tax increase in ten years. We give our total support for Troy.”

Debbie Rosemann

Draper Resident

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Securing Our Quality of Life Through Open Space

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