I love living in Draper! One of the reasons I love it is because of the incredible Corner Canyon.  I, like most of you, supported, the Corner Canyon Open Space Bond. I have a proven track record on protecting and enhancing open space- and I will continue to be a leader on this issue.

This year, I negotiated with Salt Lake County Mayor Ben McAdams and the Salt Lake County Council to hold a new comprehensive conservation easement that will include over 95% of the Suncrest purchase.

This property will be protected open space for everThe property not in the easement was sold for $7.6 million, which allowed us to pay back the $5.6 million dollar Suncrest bond and to pay for a fulltime police officer to patrol and protect our great asset of Corner Canyon. That is fiscal responsibility at its best.  

What else have I done as your elected official?

  • I advocated for and helped negotiate the purchase price of Corner Canyon.

  • I voted as a council member to buy Suncrest (2500 acres for $5.6 million dollars)  It preserved open space and prevented four thousand more homes from being built on the mountain.

  • We now own over 7,000 acres in Corner Canyon and beyond.

  • We’ve invested nearly $20 million in trails and open space.

  • We have built 90 miles of trail in the last 10 years.

  • We built the Draper Suspension Bridge by working with local construction companies, Sandy City and Salt Lake County.

  • We built the Mountain Bike Skills Park in Little Valley and we built the Draper Cycle Park.

  • We’ve made Potato Hill Trailhead improvements

  • We created a Hoof and Boot Trail  for hikers and horses only.   

It takes effort, knowledge and relationships to make things like this happen.  It takes experience and vision to keep us out of legal trouble. None the good stuff you see happens by chance and someone who is learning on the job just couldn’t get it done. I will work to continue to develop our open space for all uses: horseback riding, hiking and biking.

I know what to do, I’ve done it, and I am willing to continue doing it – securing our quality of life.