I was appointed to the Utah Transit Authority (UTA) Board by then Speaker of the House Becky Lockhart. I was a member of the City Council at the time of my appointment. I accepted the appointment because I believe in clean air, less traffic congestion and high quality economic development.  

My UTA service has been valuable to Draper City for several reasons:

  • UTA has helped bring substantial economic development to Draper City. Our FrontRunner stop is located on a 135 acre development. As a council we zoned the property for a high density mixed use development.

  • In 2012, the tax value of the FrontRunner site was $6,055,340.00. Today, five years later, the taxable value of the site is $225,000,000.00. Based on the growth, the future value of our Frontrunner stop is near a BILLION DOLLARS.

Why does this matter to you?  

  • We now have a major transit asset in our city, clean air and less congestion.

  • The property has increased in value and property tax revenue we would never have had is now flowing into the Canyons School District, our city and other entities.

  • On a daily basis thousands of people come to work at quality jobs in our city at this site.

  • Future connection to the Jordan River Trail will allow multimodal daily commutes to this site.

  • The best reason is every tax dollar we receive from this development is a dollar we don’t need from you!!  

Current UTA Projects:  

  • I am at the planning table involved in the preliminary planning process that will eventually bring Trax to the Silicon Slopes (prison site).

  • I have been involved in the process of converting the UTA bus fleet to a clean natural gas fleet which is a true clean air initiative.

  • I negotiated with UTA on behalf of Draper City to allow the crossing of the future Trax line at 13200 South and connecting 13200 South to Highland Drive, improving traffic flow in the city.

  • I negotiated to keep the Boulter Street crossing open until Trax is extended and the right to connect the neighborhoods via a tunnel when it is eventually closed.  

  • I have worked with the Gardner Company and UTA to help plan the new development at the old Staker gravel pit at the 14800 South off ramp. The Gardner Company is going to build a fantastic mixed use employment center similar to the FrontRunner Stop. In the future there will be a new Trax stop at that location. Just like FrontRunner this new development will bring millions and millions of dollars onto the tax rolls with little cost to us by way of services we will need to provide.  

UTA Reforms:  

I have been on the Board through the Legislative Audit and the federal investigation of UTA. I had a direct hand, as a board member, in implementing each and every reform that has occurred at UTA. When my appointment from the Speaker expired, I was reappointed by my fellow Salt Lake County Mayors. I currently serve on the Executive Committee and I am Chairman of the Audit Committee.

Serving on the UTA Board is not glorious and contrary to what you may read in the paper, UTA Board members are not paid a salary for their service. We receive $50.00 per diem per meeting (capped at four meetings per month) and a $100.00 electronic data stipend.


UTA provides a valuable service to our community. It gives our citizens the ability to commute between Ogden, Provo and all parts in between. If you want less congestion and clean air, then you need transit. I have been working for Draper and I have the experience to know what to do to secure our transportation future.